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ENTT ENERGY was established in 1998 with the aim of serving the Turkish Electricity Market. The Company was founded by Senior Executives who have many years of experience in financing, engineering, contracting, construction and commissioning of Energy Generation Plants and related infrastructure.


Since its establishment, our company has been involved in the installation of power plants with a comprehensive installed capacity of over 4000 MWe. Besides the company’s history in the energy market, as a team, we have over 30 years of hands on experience in the development of wind, hydro, thermal and gas power plants at positions ranging from engineering to c-level management and partnership. ENTT ENERGY was formed to combine extensive experience of the partners in the sector, in order to serve the rapidly expanding Turkish Energy Market.


In our 20th year in Energy Sector, we have restructured the company and have expanded our areas of business. Today, we offer services ranging from offering turnkey power plant solutions to conducting technical due diligence for M&As. We develop energy generation projects not only in Turkey but also in Eastern Europe and Africa for Independent Power Producers. In addition to energy generation solutions, ENTT ENERGY develops energy efficiency projects of industrial plants.


The sophisticated and complicated nature of power plants requires experience in conducting feasibility studies, contracting, construction and commissioning as well as a highly efficient organizational set up. ENTT ENERGY, with it qualifications, is ready to be your solution partner in energy investments.


ENTT ENERGY offers unique services and products along with vast experience, extensive knowledge and complete integrity.

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Our Vision

ENTT ENERGY have adopted the pursuit of “Business Excellence” as the corporate vision since it was founded in 1998. Thus, we put great value into corporate culture and competence, and see them as vital elements which ensures the harmony and expertise needed to reach our goal.


Our Corporate Values

We believe that the path to business excellence and progress must be shaped by moral principles and the core values of our society.