Point-on-Wave Switching (PoW) is used more and more in HV/MV grids. It not only preserves and extends the life span of high value assets – HV CBs, Transformers, Auto Transformers, Shunt Reactors, Capacitors, Long Transmission Lines it also improves the power network by reduction of In-Rush currents and enabling protection relay settings to be made as required.

ENTT Energy provides brand agnostic field proven Controlled Switching Devices (SynchroTeq Plus and SynchroTeq Lite) by Vizimax for the subject PoW implementations and turnkey supervision services

including Commissioning. These products also achieve a low-cost, efficient monitoring of behaviours, drifts and stress accumulation: electrical/mechanical wear, dissipated energy/I2 t, etc. for CBs.

ENTT Energy is also offering a highly reliable CB Analytics Tool by Vizimax – CB Angel Health Management-Proactive Management. It is the analytics suite for predictive maintenance of CB Fleet of

TSOs, asset health management, CB ranking and reporting. Vizimax’s modular and scalable solutions serve energy market players ranging from TSOs, electric utility companies to heavy industries across 6 continents.

We are proud to be the solution partner and the authorized distributor of SynchroTeq® Plus and Synchroteq® Lite, CB Angel by Vizimax. Please contact ENTT Energy for further inquiries, information requests, unique and advanced solutions to your needs and quotations.