ENTT Energy provides engineering solutions for all kinds of energy generation plants: coal, natural gas, biomass and biogas, wind, hydro and solar. We work closely with your team to understand the requirements and goals of your project in the early stages. Our objective is simple; solving most difficult problems with a cost effective approach. Whether you have a greenfield project, or you want to implement major upgrades to your energy assets, our team has the necessary experience and skills. We make sure you get the most out of your investment with our advanced process technologies and innovative approach.

We believe in teamwork, and we cooperate with world’s largest engineering firms to get specialized support while helping you tackle your challenges. This global approach allows us to bring the experts your project needs from anywhere in the world.

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Your invesment will be secured with our expertise.

Due diligence is the process of analyzing and evaluating the technology, product, design, and processes in an energy asset prior to the merger or an acquisition of a company. This assessment aims to provide insight into the costs and risks involved in the acquisition or sales transaction. Together with our renowned global partners, our service includes technical, regulatory, and commercial due diligence and feasibilities. Along with due diligence, we provide services such as long-term strategy development for the specific asset and operational strategy planning to optimize the energy generation. Due diligence is critical, not just for decision making but also for financing purposes. ENTT is trusted by the financial institutions as an expert of energy investments.

With our extensive knowledge and experience in Turkish Energy Market, we provide assist starting from assessment stage to signing of sales/acquisition agreement. With our help, you will make sure that your return expectations are met.

Turkish Energy Market is unique and if you are planning to enter, you must know about all the dynamics of the market to make sound business moves and strategies. We want to guide you and help you exploit its true potential.

Investors who are looking to acquire an energy asset, must navigate through a market where economics and politics are one of a kind. Hence, the intrinsic values of assets are not always clear. With our two decades of experience in over 4000MWe of installed capacity, we offer assessment, insight, and advice to help you make decisions that will get you real results, faster.

Some of the world’s largest energy equipment manufacturers choose ENTT Energy to help them understand the market trends which puts their product ahead of its competitors. We provide companies a with a roadmap, including short-term and long-term strategies for each product and set realistic, profitable, and sustainable goals.

As global competition increases, the industry’s need for production sensitivity and operational efficiency increase as well.

Poor Power Quality causes higher operational costs and production downtime, and manufacturing companies have to endure losses in sales, market share and profit.

ENTT Energy with Powerside's PQube®3 device, of which it is the sole distributor of, and its team of experienced electrical engineers; will identify the Power Quality problems you are facing and provide cost effective, applicable solutions.

The determination and resolution of your Power Quality problems will improve your operational efficiency, hence increasing the profitability of your company.

Energy projects are complex, now more than ever with stricter environmental legislations and increasing government regulations. While companies and their shareholders expect quick results from their energy investments, energy market has serious challenges. Project management services helps companies be on-time and on budget by efficiently allocating resources.

With our expertise, we develop tailor-made project management strategies and execute them to make sure on-time project delivery. Our team has some of the most experienced project managers of energy sector whom your company can rely on a hundred percent.

Electricity Grid in Turkey requires major upgrades in order to catch up with the rapid developments in the area. ENTT meets with distribution network operators and come up with solutions to ensure a reliable supply and overcome operational difficulties. With their skills and experience, our team members offer smart solutions to help network operators with planning, maintenance, increasing lifetime of equipment, operation and monitoring of electricity grids.

MV and LV grids require more and more real time monitoring in line with the customer requirements and cost effective sales as well as Smart Grid approach. ENTT provides precise phasor measuring devices-microPMUs, implements at optimized locations, collects data and analyses to recommend unique solutions corresponding to your needs.

Whether it is because technological advances, environmental legislation, government regulation or simply racked up operational hours, energy assets constantly need to be upgraded to improve performance of the power systems.

After a careful and extensive assessment of the facility, we provide recommended solutions which will bring the maximum performance boost at the lowest possible cost. The results will be; increasing the plant’s overall efficiency by optimizing the performance of the equipment, bringing operation to design capacity, enhancing the plant’s reliability, extending the lifecycle of the equipment, and increasing the positive commercial impact of the plant.

Our services include assessment through site studies, cost effective solutions, replacement of the equipment, modernization of the equipment, monitoring, technical training of the staff and supervising.

Owning, operating and servicing power plants for over 2 decades, we have the experience to offer solutions and to provide performance optimization strategies, allowing you to get the optimal performance from your power plant. After collecting and analyzing data at different operational conditions, we partner up with your operations team to identify the parts of the process where the performance is hindered. We provide a list of improvements, prioritizing on a cost-benefit basis, and an optimization strategy. Following this strategy will increase energy generation, plant efficiency and labor efficiency hence will have great financial benefits.

With a combination of savings -fuel and consumables- and efficient labor, our performance optimization solutions will ensure the demanded financial improvements of your energy assets are met

Procurement is of utmost important when it comes to reducing the cost and the construction time. Materials and equipment supply are typically at least 50% of the investment costs in energy projects. Finding the right vendor which will provide the right equipment with best the cost-performance ratio at a short period of time is a tough challenge.

Vendors are also usually quite flexible to work with local companies to distribute manufacturing of certain parts. By facilitating this we decrease cost and time drastically. Enabling the contracting company to pull the commissioning date forward which can mean millions of dollars in unplanned revenue.

We take every detail into account to make sure the procurement process goes smooth and efficient. Our extended services include; installation management, approving the quality of vendors – manufacturing facility visits, stamps, etc., logistics help, and sensitive scheduling.

Project development aims to turn visionary ideas into feasible projects. As ENTT Energy, we do not only develop projects, but we provide direction in every stage of the energy projects. Our service is comprehensive and includes conceptual design, technology selection, market research, site selection, technical and commercial feasibility, acquiring necessary permits and licenses, assistance in securing bank loans, procurement, erection, and commissioning.

Together we can make your dream energy project come to life.

Energy costs are the usually largest item within the operational expenses of facilities. Lowering energy use while maintaining production levels is a tricky challenge. Visionary business owners turn to trusted and experienced professionals to tackle this challenge and such cooperation has great financial benefits. Our experts provide energy-efficiency strategies which require a combination of technical, operational, regulatory, and managerial experience.

ENTT Energy conducts Energy Audits with accurate monitoring and sensitive measurement to assess facilities. These assessments will identify the points of largest consumption, energy waste, and the inefficiencies in the energy supply. Once the assessment is finalized, most of the solutions usually require small capital investments and easy-to-apply yet have high returns.

Besides the obvious financial benefits of energy saving measures, energy efficiency is a must to reduce the negative impacts of energy waste on the environment. Like any other kind of waste, energy waste is a big burden on our planet.

Point-on-wave switching is an important element for the protection of high cost HV assets such as C/Bs and Power Transformers including auto transformers, Shunt Reactors, etc. It enables smooth, in-rush current free and without re-strike/re-ignition operation as well as the protection relay system to be adjusted as required.

ENTT provides C/B make agnostic and high reliability Controlled Switching Devices as well as supervision and commissioning services for the same. Click here to learn more about point-on-wave switching.