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Know Your Power with ENTT ENERGY and PQube 3 Power Analyzer

Power Quality is defined as some electrical parameters and limits that enable the equipment and machines that are connected to the grid to operate at the desired performance and efficiency levels without any deteriorations and decreases in their life cycles.

As global competition increases in these recent years, the industry’s need for production sensitivity and high power quality for the energy they consume increase as well.


It is presented as an undesirable situation for companies having to endure high additional costs and to encounter loss of production, sales, market, and profit due to energy efficiency and power quality in the supplied energy leading to negative effects on manufacturing, failure of sensitive devices, decreases in their lifecycles or adversely affecting their performances.


In other words, it is a definite necessity of our age for every industrial facility specialized in sensitive production to be aware of their power quality.

  • Short Term Voltage Drops – Sags
  • Short Term Voltage Rises – Swells
  • Voltage Spikes
  • Harmonics
  • Flickers

The only way to know for sure that you have a power quality problem is to have your power grid analyzed with power quality analyzers.


Nevertheless, if you observe the following, you are experiencing a power quality problem.

    • Slowness in production speed
    • Abnormal levels of production wastage
    • Unexplained increase in electricity consumption
    • Frequently damaged or malfunctioning equipment (equipment to be closed on its own accord, etc.)
    • Burning of equipment and machine chips
    • Observation of shorter lifecycle of the equipment than it should be
    • Data losses
  • Wasting more than necessary in production
  • High maintenance costs
  • Postponements and losses of gains from the sales
  • Cash flow losses
  • Loss of reputation in the eyes of the customer
  • Loss of market share

Power Quality Analyzers are required to protect devices and systems from poor power quality. They are high-precision measuring devices that can measure harmonics, sags, swells, spikes and transients in addition to measuring fundamental data such as voltage, current and power, and can also capture and record waveforms in specified periods. 

Poor power quality can present itself in many different ways, but it can also be caused by many different reasons. For this reason, Power Quality Analyzers can be used to measure the quality of the power grid and to determine the causes of poor quality.

The high-speed power analyzer of the PQube series measures, determines and records all power quality deteriorations and environmental parameters in real time.

ENTT Energy Power Quality Services

To learn more about Power Quality or if your business is suffering from Power Quality (PQ) problems, please check out our one-pager on “What is Power Quality?” or simply contact us. ENTT Energy’s experts are qualified and experienced to help you solve you power quality issues in your facility.

Our experts are ready to help you with the installation and commissioning of your Power Quality equipment.


With our know-how, your equipment will be installed correctly and fully integrated with your existing power system, enabling you to get the most out of your investment and to tackle your power quality challenges.


Working together with your team, we take the following steps:

  1. Preparation of pre-commissioning configuration
  2. Commissioning and testing
  3. Operation and maintenance training of your staff

We bring our portable PQube 3 kit to your facilities to measure, detect and document,


  1. Power quality issues (voltage spikes, swells, and sags, harmonic disturbances, and power interruptions) in the power you are supplied by the DSO
  2. Power quality issues within the facilities power network. 80% of the power quality issues are caused by the equipment and machinery you operate in your facility. We can measure and collect actionable data for you.

This is a comprehensive analysis of the current condition of your power network. This service aims to pinpoint and correct the power quality issues you are facing. By effectively increasing the efficiency, performance, and safety of your power system, you will be able to; decrease your operational costs, increase your output and increase your equipment’s lifespan.


Our team of power quality experts will analyze your facility’s power network for a specified period of time using software such as: EMTP, PSCAD or ETAP. After the analysis, a detailed engineering report including the solution recommendations is presented.


Power Network Analysis steps:

  1. Site Visit / Data collection (SLD, electrical drawings, equipment datasheets, observed PQ issues, etc.)
  2. Reviewing of the data and model the power network (if necessary)
  3. PQube 3 installations at selected locations
  4. Analysis of the data collected from PQube 3
  5. Submission of the Engineering Report including solutions and recommendations including corrective products and/or services.

Businesses often want to focus on what they know and do best. Power networks, especially in production facilities need to be proactively managed in order to maintain performance and profitability.  Hire ENTT as your power quality experts and we will take care of your power network for you.


ENTT Energy offers 24/7/365 power quality monitoring services to help you actively manage your power network. This service includes Commissioning and Training, Measurement and Documentation, Power Network Analysis and monitoring of your power network utilizing real-time data.


Our approach in this continuous service is 3 stages:

  1. Initial Assessment: We make an initial assessment of the facility using PQube 3 at designated locations in the network. This step is similar to Power Network Analysis.
  2. Data Collection and Database Creation: Measuring and monitoring 24/7 we create an object-oriented database including your power consumption, power quality trends, and other related power quality events in your facility.
  3. Analysis and reports: Using the database, we analyze power events on your facility and submit monthly forms with recommended solutions for power corrective actions.


Power Quality Monitoring Service allow you to:

  • Identify the root cause of your power problems
  • Find a cost-effective and exact solution to your power problems
  • Avoid unnecessary investments to improve power quality (trial-error solutions)
  • Conduct predictive maintenance
  • Document the power quality problems caused by utility supplied energy
  • Decrease process downtime
  • Decrease equipment maintenance costs
  • Increase your equipment’s lifespan
  • Decrease energy costs and operational costs


Allow us to be your power quality experts, and we will proactively manage your power network for you.


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